My Skin Care Routine (Moisturizing)

so you’ve read my first part skin care routine, haven’t you? this is the following step of my skin care routine for moisturizing, especially in daylight. because at night, after i clean my face, i use face mask first, then moisturizing.

  1. Toner

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My Skin Care Routine (Cleaning)

well since every one (yes i mean every one, boys and girls) is talking about skin care, i think i should write something about it. my idea is just sharing what skin care i wear, what i’ve tried and stuff according to my experience.

important to know what your skin type is first. my skin type is oily, acne prone, and rather sensitive. what i mean by sensitive is my face would turn red (rash) in a second after i put on a skin care i don’t compatible with. but sometimes, it won’t red after several hours but then it turned red for the rest of the day until i clean up my face and go back to the previous skin care i replaced. and another time, it would breakout, like so many acne just popped here and there, big or little. hoaahh it got me stressed out then.

so i’m going to tell you the steps and a brief reviews of the product i use in this page. and i will explain further later in another occasion. hihi forgive me.

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Circle of Friends

hello every one. i wish you have a wonderful day. so i’m writing this after i had a conversation with one of my friend in my group. well it’s not a heavy conversation, just a light conversation, talked about each other’s mind and thoughts during undergraduate times, and about coass early days, our difficulties and stuff. but, today i’m going to share about one thing that mostly common between me and her. and maybe it’s a good thing if you had this kinda situation too.

have you ever feel lonely? like, you know, everyone have their own circle friends, and there’s just you, with no one to hang out with. well, I have and so does my friend. i don’t know if it’s only in my place or your place too, but studying dentistry major in my university, you can’t do it by yourself. you know, you have to find at last one friend to study with, to write a report together. even though the report is an individual task, but you need friends to know the right format report, the right references, and the most important is to motivate each other. don’t think that there were only one report, nope. there are two or more, every week. but that was in the first until third semester as i can remember. Baca selengkapnya

Sebuah Cerita Perjuangan Skripsi

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

I will start my next post with a common question:

gimana sih kuliah di kedokteran gigi, khususnya di Indonesia?

hmm ini pertanyaan yang sangat luas jawabannya. karena ini jawabannya sangat subjektif. tapi kalau aku cerita cerita dengan teman teman sejawat, ya jawabannya hampir sama. sulit, capek, pusing, praktikum dan laporan ga ada habisnya, belum lagi tugas dan kuis yang dibawa pulang. ya memang begitu. ga bisa dipungkiri, memang begitu. Baca selengkapnya

The Beginning

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.


well, hello there. jadi sebenarnya ini bukan blogku yang pertama. ini adalah yang kedua. tadinya pengin ngelanjutin yang pertama karena ga mau ribet harus registrasi ini itu, mikirin nama baru dll. but i have no choice. here is why.

so i typed some of my ‘alay’ emails (since the first blog I created was in junior high). I only have 2 emails then actually haha. so because i can’t remember my password, i clicked on the “forgot my password” button. I typed the first email, but this wordpress didn’t recognize it. then i typed the second one, and bingo, the password was send to this second email.

then this is where it became weird. i go to yahoo to see my forgotten password and i tried to sign in my second email . but it said, “we don’t recognize this email”. whaat? i mean, the other website recognize this email, my sister’s instagram account uses this email, and i can even sent a random message to this email. why can’t it be opened? why can’t yahoo recognize my email account?

to be honest, i haven’t sign this second email in for years hahaha. yea i can related to that. but, if i can’t ever sign in again to that account, why it can be used for other purpose?

it’s just weird, or it’s just me who do not know? hahaha CMIIW. i need help, lol.

never mind..

the old blog is just the old me. the younger me. lol

and from now on, this is the newer me, the latest me.

Who am I?

next Monday (26th March ’17), i will be an officially Dentist Co-Assistant in one of the best universities in Indonesia. so maybe thru this blog, i will share you about my life as Dentist Coass, my thoughts, my opinion, or my ordinary life.

I learned from my friend who has been in Coass. I remember she said,

“Kalau kamu punya waktu luang, mending kamu pakai untuk tidur, Yas”

“if you have some spare time, you’d better use it to sleep”. Wow, is it really that busy? :s

well let’s see. this is The Beginning..